Monday, April 21, 2014

City Year application deadline is coming up for those of you interested!

Are you still looking for a job after you graduate?  Do you want to do something where you are actually making a difference and can see the impact you are making everyday?  You should apply for City Year!

City Year is an education focused non-profit that hires recent graduates to work as a near-peer tutor, mentor, and role model in schools across the country for one year.  The idea is to use this unique near-peer relationship with students to keep them in school and on track to graduate through direct attention to their attendance, behavior, and academic needs in the classroom all day, everyday, for one academic year.  

You do NOT need an education background, and you do NOT need to want to remain in education, because City Year Corps Members are NOT teachers.  If you can build a relationship, if you can be consistent, and if you can commit to helping elementary through high school kids be successful, then you can make a huge impact in just one year!

At the same time, City Year provides leadership development, professional development, networking opportunities, post-City Year job placement opportunities, scholarships for continuing education or loan repayment, and other benefits during the year!  It is a great way to transition out of college and into your career or graduate school, while making a HUGE impact on kids across the country that need the kind of support you are capable of providing.

The last deadline to apply at is APRIL 30th, which means that you still have just over a week (and a whole weekend) to start and complete the application (very doable!).  Also, Jeremy Mullet, the Recruitment Coordinator for the site in Denver, can help with your application by giving advice, providing additional documents, and even critiquing your resume if you need the support!  His email is, or you can call him at 303-226-4877!  I hope you at least check it out!

Thank you very much for the support you have already given me over this last year, it has been instrumental in my recruitment efforts.  Hopefully we will be able to hire a large number of your students to help our students next year!

Yours in Service,


Jeremy Mullet 
Recruitment Coordinator

City Year Denver
789 Sherman St. Suite 400 | Denver, CO 80203
C: 720-347-0564 
|  O: 303-226-4877  |  F: 303-974-5159 | @jeremymullet |

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