Monday, April 21, 2014

City Year application deadline is coming up for those of you interested!

Are you still looking for a job after you graduate?  Do you want to do something where you are actually making a difference and can see the impact you are making everyday?  You should apply for City Year!

City Year is an education focused non-profit that hires recent graduates to work as a near-peer tutor, mentor, and role model in schools across the country for one year.  The idea is to use this unique near-peer relationship with students to keep them in school and on track to graduate through direct attention to their attendance, behavior, and academic needs in the classroom all day, everyday, for one academic year.  

You do NOT need an education background, and you do NOT need to want to remain in education, because City Year Corps Members are NOT teachers.  If you can build a relationship, if you can be consistent, and if you can commit to helping elementary through high school kids be successful, then you can make a huge impact in just one year!

At the same time, City Year provides leadership development, professional development, networking opportunities, post-City Year job placement opportunities, scholarships for continuing education or loan repayment, and other benefits during the year!  It is a great way to transition out of college and into your career or graduate school, while making a HUGE impact on kids across the country that need the kind of support you are capable of providing.

The last deadline to apply at is APRIL 30th, which means that you still have just over a week (and a whole weekend) to start and complete the application (very doable!).  Also, Jeremy Mullet, the Recruitment Coordinator for the site in Denver, can help with your application by giving advice, providing additional documents, and even critiquing your resume if you need the support!  His email is, or you can call him at 303-226-4877!  I hope you at least check it out!

Thank you very much for the support you have already given me over this last year, it has been instrumental in my recruitment efforts.  Hopefully we will be able to hire a large number of your students to help our students next year!

Yours in Service,


Jeremy Mullet 
Recruitment Coordinator

City Year Denver
789 Sherman St. Suite 400 | Denver, CO 80203
C: 720-347-0564 
|  O: 303-226-4877  |  F: 303-974-5159 | @jeremymullet |

Denver Rescue Mission (DRM) – Harvest Farm (HF)
1.      Horticulture–  Intern will be responsible for helping coordinate the Harvest Farm greenhouse and garden.  This will or may include the following: greenhouse culture, compost, garden culture (annuals and perennials), produce marketing, Pizza Farm, and promoting the garden’s integration with other aspects of Harvest Farm. 
Supervisor Kelly Ballantyne, Garden Supervisor

2.      Case-Management/Chaplaincy  Intern would work with a chaplain, learning the basics of pastoral care, case management, and human services.  Intern would manage a caseload of residents that the chaplain has assigned to the intern.
Supervisor- Rusty Chapman, Farm Chaplain

3.      Volunteer CoordinationHelping the Volunteer Coordinator field volunteer inquiries and welcome volunteers to the facility.  Also help coordinate and oversee Alternative Spring Break and Summer Break groups.  Intern would work with long term and short term volunteers.
Supervisor- Heather Pulley, Volunteer Coordinator

4.      Life Skills, Education and Career – Intern would gain first-hand experience in drug and alcohol rehabilitation within a rural setting by participating in and assisting with education classes.  This position may also cycle through different work therapy areas to gain a better understanding of operations as a whole and will require some additional training on specific classes being taught.
Supervisor – Seth Forwood, LEC Coordinator
5.      Non-profit/Program Management– Internship would be focused on the management of a program site, and the operations of a rehabilitation setting.  This internship requires a strong level of organization, spiritual maturity, and management ability.  Job would be focused on overseeing the farming aspect, pastoral care, and education of residents.  This is designed as a non-profit administration position.
Supervisor- Duncan Shaw, Program Director

6.      General Work Therapy – Interns will shadow Work Therapy supervisors, and learn the ability to keep a full farm working, while also being able to keep an eye on the treatment of residents.  Intern will need to have a relational ministry with residents, and the ability to coordinate schedules and activities in order to insure the farm is maintained, and residents are receiving the full training necessary. 
Supervisor- Heather Pulley, Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator

Site:  Harvest Farm and Fort Collins Rescue Mission
Supervisor:  Northern Colorado Volunteer Coordinator

Hours/Week: 15-20, Spring Semester. Some evening and weekend hours required.

Job Description: Work with Harvest Farm participants, Harvest Farm staff, and volunteers (Alternative Spring Break groups, long term volunteers, and short term volunteers) to coordinate and oversee meaningful week-long or day-long experiences for groups volunteering at Harvest Farm.  Work with Fort Collins Rescue Mission participants, staff, and both individual volunteers and volunteer groups at to oversee meaningful volunteer experiences.  Help create volunteer opportunities at both locations and help recruit volunteers from the community.  Assist with mentors.
Internship Objectives: 

q  Become acquainted with and build relationships with Harvest Farm and Fort Collins Rescue Mission participants and staff.
q  Learn about Harvest Farm’s program, rules, and schedule and how volunteer groups (especially Alternative Spring Break groups) fit into and enhance the program.
q  Learn about Fort Collins Rescue Mission’s programs and rules and how volunteers fit into and enhance the program.
q  Develop skills in cross-cultural and cross-socio/economic care and ministry.
q  Reconfirm, communicate with and oversee volunteer groups’ stays at Harvest Farm.
q  Act as the on-site ambassador during the group’s stay to keep groups engaged, and to provide assistance in any way needed.
q  Recruit, train, and support mentors at Fort Collins Rescue Mission.
q  Meet with and screen potential long term volunteers for both locations.
q  Assist in overseeing individuals or volunteer groups at Fort Collins Rescue Mission.

Internship Activities: (Note: each activity should directly correspond with one or more objective, and all activities together should fulfill the objectives.)

·        Attend daily Farm devotions when on-site at the Farm.
·        Organize itineraries, training, and activities for each group including orientation and debriefing.
·        Meet and welcome groups upon their arrival.  This will often happen on Sundays.
·        Manage all groups through appropriate work therapy departments and projects to be accomplished.
·        Coordinate work projects through site supervisors, reserve housing, prepare itineraries for every group.
·        Track involvement and projects of previous groups.
·        Follow-up and evaluate all group experiences.
·        Act as a guide for groups who take a free day off the farm (to Denver, Estes Park, etc.) and encourage and organize activities with volunteers and program participants on the farm (bonfire testimonies, kickball games, etc.).
·        Ensure groups coming to Fort Collins Rescue Mission have a meaningful project to complete and oversee them when they are on-site.
·        Meet with and follow up with mentors to track their progress and success.
·        Answer questions, accept donations, and provide tours at Fort Collins Rescue Mission.
·        Be available to give tours at Harvest Farm as needed.

To find out more about this internship opportunity please contact:
Heather Pully -

Lifeskills, Education and Career/Work Therapy Intern

Site:  Harvest Farm                                       Supervisor:  Northern CO Vol. Coordinator and HF Director

Hours/Week: 40

Job Description: Gain first-hand experience in drug and alcohol rehabilitation within a rural setting by forming relationships with program participants and staff, by experiencing and working in different work therapy areas, and participating in and assisting with education classes.

Internship Objectives: 

q  Become acquainted with and build healthy relationships with Harvest Farm participants and staff.
q  Learn about Harvest Farm’s program, rules, and schedule
q  Develop skills in cross-cultural and cross-socio/economic car and ministry
q  Gain first-hand experience in drug and alcohol rehabilitation within a rural setting.
q  Understand and learn how the program at HF integrates work therapy, career and life skills education, spiritual/psychological counseling and one-on-one case management.
q  Gain experience in basic farming operations.
q  Begin to discover basic addiction counseling while receiving guidance from staff.
q  Discover an area of interest within the farm and develop ways to become more engaged and active in that area.

Internship Activities:

·        Attend daily all-farm devotions
·        Meet weekly with supervisor
·        Cycle through the 6 different work therapy areas (agriculture, maintenance, garden, kitchen, fleet, and client services) by spending at least a week working the participants and supervisors of each area
·         Participate in an LEC (life skills, education, and career) class cycle by attending the following classes with participants: freedom from addiction, basic Bible, work and new life, money and values, and health and fitness.
·        Assist LEC instructor/tutor in their roles by tutoring participant’s needing their GEDs and assisting participants with learning computer skills and completing LEC assignments
·        Meet with chaplains and counselors to learn more about their roles at the farm

To Find out more about this internship opportunity please contact:
Heather Pully -